Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Twirl and Giggle!

Easter Sunday, during our Easter Feast, Cordelia turned to me and said something that was so true. She said, "Grandma, I am even sweeter than you imagined."  She is.

So is her sister.

I knew I would love being a grandma, but the little people I imagined were just...well....imaginary. The real children are so much more interesting, tender, adorable and precious!

I am really charmed by the honesty that comes out of Cordelia's mouth. Earlier in the day I had told her she sure did look pretty. She nodded saying, "Yes. I do." When do we lose that? At my age I am conditioned to the point that it is almost impossible to just accept a compliment. I have to point out that the waist of my dress has become a bit tight or that the color isn't that great on me. What's up with that?

Maybe I will take some lessons from my granddaughter and next time I will just agree...perhaps even throw in a little twirl and giggle!  I will if you will!

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