Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Busch Stadium Tour

You didn't think I was done talking about St. Louis, did you?

Mike and I took a tour of Busch Stadium. Did you know you could do that?

We'd toured the previous Busch Stadium twice. That stadium was torn down not long after our last visit but I don't think it was anything we did.. This new stadium was about half built last time we saw it. That made it even more fun to see it now completed.

One of the things we learned was that there is a whole lot more to a stadium that you see when you go to a game. The social aspects of baseball were a bit curious to me. There were areas for BIG groups of people (thousands) underneath the seats. People could pay extra, a LOT extra, to have access to different levels of eating experiences. Some would buy a ticket for a pretty good seat that included access to a buffet type restaurant at the back of their section. They could graze typical ballpark food all they wanted.

Another section of seating, with a much higher price, gave access to a huge buffet area that offered top level cuisine with chefs and fancy booths. You can see the outside seating of these levels in these photos but you sure don't get an idea of all that is behind them. There are even levels with rooms big enough to host conferences and weddings!

 I realize some of these are not great photos but they kind of give you the idea of the space under the stadium seating.

We don't think REAL baseball fans would be concerned about eating during a game, especially in those places where they couldn't keep watching the game. However, we found out that some of the special seats included waiters that came to you for your order...all inclusive. Wow!

One of the restaurant type rooms had a series of cases with Cardinal's World Series Trophies.
Do you see how happy it made Mike to see those?
Remember, he is just the grown-up version of the little boy who listened to Cardinal's games on his scratchy little transistor radio during recess at elementary school.

 We were given a chance to tour the broadcast booth.

The best part was when they let us go down by the field...

...and even into the Cardinals' Dugout!

When Mike had an opportunity to pick up some of the sunflower seed shells, spit from the very mouths of current St. Louis Cardinals, he declined. I guess he is not quite the fan I thought he was.

The tour guide told stories about players and owners from the past.

Including Stan Musial, one of Mike's favorites.
Stan-the-Man played 22 years for the St. Louis Cardinals
and just died earlier this year.

It was fun to learn some of that history.
It was fun to be a tourist.
It was fun to see Mike enjoying himself.

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