Sunday, May 25, 2014

Mike as a Chicago Cubs Fan - NOT!

We are currently in the middle of a big fundraiser for True Care. Many of us have been going to various churches around our community as we encourage others to become sponsored walkers for our Who is a Person Walk? 

Our friend, Laura, had a wonderful idea to get people at our church excited about this walk. She proposed that if we got 8 sponsored walkers, Mike would wear a Cubs Hat. As you know, Mike has been a St. Louis Cardinal Fan most of his life. It was a stroke of genius, really. We had 3 volunteer walkers from our church last year and this year we have.... hmmmm.....I'm not sure how many at last count, but MORE than 8! Yes, Mike, you are going to have to wear a Cubs hat for the entire fundraising event!

You may not all know this but the Cubs and Cardinals have had a lively rivalry for pretty much ever.  Therefore, Mike has been the opposite of a Cubs Fan for pretty much ever. Just so you know, as I was setting up this photo, Mike said, "Don't take a picture of that hat!", then, he suggested I take a photo of it in the garbage.

Boo! That sounds like poor sportsmanship to me. He then was trying to figure out a way to wear it at the same time he wore his Cardinals hat. NOPE. That is not going to happen! He's got to do this right!

It did seem kind of a shame to pay for a Cubs hat, knowing that he'd only wear it for that walk, not a second longer. Last night I was looking at it and realized it was a Youth size! Aargh! So guess what!? I ordered another. Now I've purchased 2 cubs hats!

Oh well. It is worth it for this event.

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