Friday, December 21, 2012

Mike's Nativity Scene

This nativity scene is from Mike's childhood.  When we were first married his mom gave us a bunch of old Christmas decorations.  They are all precious to Mike.  You know how things that remind you of your childhood are so sweet.

This nativity set originally came with a manger that folded up flat or storage.  It was made from a soft pressed board kind of material, not much stronger than cardboard.  It had straw bits glued to the roof and it was fun to set it up.  Alas, though, it did not outlast our children.   For a few years I taped it to hold it together.  I actually think we still have it; I couldn't bring myself to throw it out, but it was pretty much crushed.

The little figures have been played by Mike and likely his sisters' little fingers when they were children.  They were played with by our children and hopefully our grandchildren will enjoy them for years.

Do you have a nativity set?  Is it vintage or new?  We have quite a few of them but none more precious than this one.

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