Monday, June 02, 2014

Ordination Celebration Part 2, Harlowton Parish

I'm continuing with the presentation I prepared for Mike's ordination celebration held this past Sunday...

This was taken our first summer in Harlowton .  One of Mike's favorite songs is "Lift High the Cross". I guess that is why he is wearing it on his head!

Mike's first parish was spread out over three counties. Once a year, all the churches came together for an outdoor service. This one took place in the mountains and we all actually camped there. It was fun and Mike got a chance to use his guitar for worship.

I didn't put a photo of all the church buildings in this slide show but this one is Trinity Lutheran in Lennep, MT. Lennep isn't really a town anymore but at that time they did have a sweet little school. This church, like two of the others, did not have indoor plumbing. I just thought you'd like to know that. One unique thing about this congregation was that almost everyone had fantastic voices. Listening to them harmonizing in that little church was pretty close to heaven.

Sam was born during our time at that parish. He became quite the little church baby and was actually baptized at one of their outdoor services when all the congregations came together. Later, Sam sometimes even went calling with Daddy.

Sam and Mike both enjoyed the quiet times in the mountains. be continued

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