Wednesday, July 15, 2015

I Love Golf Courses

I do NOT enjoy golf. I probably would, except I am very bad at it. Nevertheless, I love golf courses.

This week I walked the course while Mike golfed it. I don't suppose you get to see antelope and their babies on most golf courses. This photo was one Mike sent last week when he was golfing. It is the antelope nursery.

These photos are from me tagging along.  It was a perfect evening.

The roughs were pretty rough.

This is what a golfer looks like when he is looking for his lost ball. You'd think his wife would help, rather than taking photos of his frustration, wouldn't you?

I admit, I took off my sandals and enjoyed the grass.  I had to watch out for antelope poo, but it was otherwise a lovely experience.

And my favorite photo of the night.

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