Thursday, November 24, 2011


Happy Thanksgiving!

Are you thinking about the things for which you are thankful today?  Holidays are sometimes a bit stressful and packed with busyness but for a moment, anyway, I want to think about all that I have.

I am grateful for so very much in this life.  I have a warm home, plenty of food and so many possessions that my every need is met.  I am truly thankful for these things but as I pondered thoughts of gratitude I was certain of that which I am most grateful...  love.

Never in my life have I felt unloved.  Never.  I wish everyone could say that.  I am not saying that everyone loves me, only that there has never been a moment when I didn't have someone who did love me.  I do not remember a time when I did not feel the love of God.  I have always had family that loved me.  Over the years I have been blessed with the warmth of true friendship, people who have cared for me during times of need and rejoiced with me through times of elation. 

So, I give thanks.  Thank-you to God for EVERYTHING and thank you to the people in my life who bring me such joy.  I am blessed.

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