Friday, December 05, 2014

Paint Night

I am enjoying an evening with the little girls. Their parents are out celebrating their anniversary. It isn't their wedding anniversary but the anniversary of when they realized they were to be more than just close friends. Want to hear my version of that time?

Well, They had been friends for quite some time. Like many of Maria's friends, Eric was in and out of our home a lot. Since most of the others were girls, I had even asked Maria if she was dating Eric. She had let me know they were just friends.

Time passed and they were together more and more. One day Maria was talking to me and said, "I really like Eric." I replied, "I really like Eric, too." I just wasn't picking up what she was laying down for me. Finally she said, "No, Mom, I REALLY like Eric!" I said something profound like, "Oooh!"  The rest is history!

Anyway, while they have been out, I have been having fun with their little artists!  I love watching their little faces as they created their masterpieces.

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