Thursday, March 24, 2011

Confessions of a Pastor's Wife

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As most of you know, my husband is a Lutheran Pastor.  Last night we were at our Lenten Service.  Lent is rather a somber season during the church year.  It's the time we ponder and thoughtfully consider the time leading up to Jesus' death.  We learn more deeply about what he had to go through. 

Mike was preaching about how Jesus called out to God during the distress he endured on the cross.  Mike then spoke of how WE need to call out to God in our distress, not worrying about how to tell God our problems but to just call out to him.  He repeated, "Just call."  As he finished that brief sentence someone's cell phone went off.  The owner of the phone was seated near the back and I don't think Mike even heard it.  But I did, and I snort-laughed.  I'm sorry but it was funny!  I quickly subdued myself, realizing snort-laughing may not be considered proper Pastor Wife behavior.  I've yet to find the Pastor Wife Etiquette Book but I'm pretty sure snort-laughing would be a no-no.

So, I started thinking about other behavior lapses I've committed in church.  Even before Mike was a pastor, early in our marriage, I led him down the road of inappropriate church behavior.  We were sharing a hymnal while singing hymns.  I love to sing and was doing so with enthusiasm.  About the middle of the song Mike had to elbow me as I was singing the wrong verse, loudly.  When I finally realized why he was being so rude to me, I said, "Oh!" still a bit too loud!  THEN it happened.  We both went over-the-edge as we call it.  We started laughing with no control!  I'm talking the silly laughing where you have to cover your face because you are rendered unable to swallow and drooling is a likely possibility.  It's awful and wonderful at the same time.

Now I sing on the Worship Team at our current church.  My place is in the back row.  A few years ago the back row was all men except for me and Kylie.  On a particular song Kylie was telling me that during a part of that song, where the parts separate, she and I were to sing with the men on their part.  The way she said it was, "We'll be men on this song."  It struck my silly side.  Without thinking I imitated a woman in a current commercial who was herself imitating men.  I stuck out my finger and in my best dopey male voice said, "Hey Dude, pull my finger."  I said it a bit too loud and Kylie wasn't the only one who heard me.  I've been known as "Bubba" ever since!

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