Friday, August 08, 2014

An Evening at the Isle of Palms

I suppose it is about time I wrap up my coverage of our trip to Charleston. It has taken me longer to write about it than to experience it!

I'm going to close by telling you about a night that occurred early in our trip. We'd spent our first day at the at the Citadel for the North American Lutheran Church Convocation. At the end of that day they loaded us all up into school buses and drove us out to the Isle of Palms. It was a pretty long drive in a very hot bus, but we survived.

Isle of Palms is a long, skinny island and we drove quite far out on it, I think. It is a barrier island and we passed many homes that were built elevated so as to let the ocean flow under it when a hurricane or something came through. It was all so flat, I could easily imagine the ocean flowing over it and making it all disappear. Apparently that hasn't really happened but it seemed like a pretty precarious place to build a big fancy house...beautiful but precarious.

We were told we were going to the Citadel Beach House. That didn't mean much to me but if you click here you will see where we stopped. What a delightful surprise! There were many different areas set up for eating as well as for entertainment. There was a group dressed in traditional African clothing singing spirituals. There was a place set up for a DJ to play music while teaching dances. I enjoyed observing these, especially the singers, but I think you'll see where Nicole and I wanted to spend our time.

We left with our skirts wet but it was so wonderful to get to play in the ocean!

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