Friday, September 23, 2011

Cordelia and the BIG Doll

Cordelia came over Thursday night.

She climbed on ladders (assisted by Grandpa),
played with Playdough,
helped water flowers and vegetables,
bounced on the trampoline,
and jumped off the step stool.

When she was ready to rest she wanted
the BIG Doll.  This is a doll my Mom made for Maria when she
was just a little girl.  Cordy loves to examine her.
She has a bellybutton!
She also has dimples on her knees and that made
Cordy think she had bellybuttons on her knees!

So, they snuggled up with me to watch an episode of
Wonder Pets.  I had to excuse myself from the snuggle
just long enough for the photo.

I love that little girl so much!

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