Sunday, August 05, 2012

My Chains are Gone

The worship team I am on sang this song yesterday for the funeral of our friend.  I hope you have time to listen to this version.  It has kind of a long piano intro but it is beautiful and if you hang in there, I think you will be glad. 

Like me, many of you likely grew up singing Amazing Grace.  I have always loved that song.  This newer version, with the additional chorus, is very potent.  

The first time I remember our worship team singing this song was a day my friend and patient, Mary, was still alive.  I remember knowing that her life was nearing the end.  She'd arrived late and sat in the back pew, likely too weak to walk any further.  When we sang this powerful song, I felt we were singing it to her most especially.   Just a few weeks later we sang it at her funeral.  Now, I always think of Mary when I hear it.  I find both peace and excitement in this version.


My chains are gone 

I've been set free 

My God, my Savior has ransomed me 

And like a flood His mercy reigns 

Unending love, amazing grace 

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