Saturday, June 07, 2014

Cordy Time

Last night was fun, having Cordy for a sleep-over. She woke up this morning and explained to me that when she and her Mommy have their eyes wake up before their bodies are ready to wake up, they just snuggle. So, I got to enjoy that snuggling time. It was great!

Here are more photos of this charming and VERY active little granddaughters of our's.

At her request, we had baby corn with our picnic.

 In the background you see the port-a-potty that she'd just experienced for the first time.
Don't worry, Mommy, they had hand sanitizer for us.

 She makes friends very, very quickly.

 She was full of joy!

 She LOVED this outdoor exercise equipment.

 She ran and she ran and she ran and she ran!

 She just kept moving!

 She also kept smiling.

 She loved exploring down by the river.

 She looks kind of contemplative here, doesn't she?

 I love this little person.

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