Saturday, May 31, 2014

Who is a Person?

Today was our fundraiser walk for our local pregnancy center. This center is a safe place where those experiencing an unexpected pregnancy can go for compassion and assistance and truth. I love supporting them. This year's theme was "Who is a Person" with references to Dr. Seuss' quote "'cause a person's a person no matter how small".

Mike and I have been doing this fundraiser walk for years. Each year we've seen more and more people join in. It just warms my heart!

The sponsored walkers come from congregations all around town. As I posted earlier, for fun and to encourage more people to be walkers from our congregation, Laura came up with a great idea. We convinced Mike, the avid St. Louis Cardinal Fan, to offer to wear a Chicago Cubs hat on this walk if we got a certain number of people from our congregation willing to be walkers. People loved the idea and we got more walkers than ever!

When I mentioned on Facebook that Mike was going to do this his cousin, Tom, wanted to know when hell (pardon the language) was freezing over. Our friend from Chicago, Cindy, wanted photos of him in the Chicago Cubs hat to be posted all over the internet to be seen around the world. Well, here it is so share this post for all to see.
Laura had the honor of placing it on his head.
By his face, it looks like it hurt.

 He was a good sport, though.

 We were ready to walk.
I felt a bit like I was with the wrong man, actually.

Cordelia and Elise were good to go as well.

Cordy wore a St. Louis Cardinal/Minnie Mouse hat.

It was a 2 mile walk.
Maria wisely brought the stroller.
The highlight for me was when some kid, also wearing a Cub's hat,
called out to Mike, "Go Cubs!"
Ha Ha Ha Ha!

 Every year we do this, the weather is beautiful.

 Elise was charming.

Mike wore his hat the ENTIRE walk...

...but now he is talking about burning it!

Friday, May 30, 2014


Sorry to neglect my readers but I am working furiously on a BIG project! Here's a hint...

More coming soon...

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Poor Fit

I hate trying clothes on in stores. It's almost as if I were a man. However, I can usually eyeball something and know if it will fit right. The other day I was looking for a blouse to wear to work. Maria was with me and held one up that looked like a nice choice. I bought it and brought it home. That's the kind of shopping I enjoy - a short and sweet trip to the clearance rack!

Later, at home, I took it out of the bag to enjoy my new purchase.  I looked at the tag a bit more carefully and realized I had made a bit of a mistake. This blouse isn't going to fit quite right. At least I hope not.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Bird in My Hair

So here's a funny story... maybe not all that funny, but it's a story.

We were at Walmart purchasing 20 bags of mulch for our yard. Mike was in the store getting some other items while the Walmart employee was inside loading up the bags to bring them out to our vehicle. I had opened a back side door of Mike's SUV to lay the back seats down. I was bent forward and my hair was kind of blowing around my face when I felt fluttering around my face, shoulder and hair. I shrieked (don't would have, too!) and swiped at it before I realized it was a little bird! I got still, not wanting to hurt it and it hopped across to the door on the other side. It looked like it needed a rest so I took my phone out to get a photo. I should not have done that, I suppose, but I was thinking like a blogger. Sorry, little bird.

I moved to go around to open up that door but he tried flying out a closed window and crashed. He was embarrassed about that so as I opened up ALL the doors, he hopped down and hid under the driver's seat for awhile. By then, the Walmart lady was loading up the back end. I explained what was going on but she just kept loading. Well, she had a job to do.

Finally, I kind of pounded on the seat (again, sorry, little bird) until he decided it was time to escape.

That's it. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

Monday, May 26, 2014

New Friends

Sam's girlfriend, Alaysha, was at our house last night. Today was the first day Cordelia ever met Alaysha.  I guess you could say that Cordelia knows how to quickly make friends. Yes, it is a bit intense, but sweet.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Mike as a Chicago Cubs Fan - NOT!

We are currently in the middle of a big fundraiser for True Care. Many of us have been going to various churches around our community as we encourage others to become sponsored walkers for our Who is a Person Walk? 

Our friend, Laura, had a wonderful idea to get people at our church excited about this walk. She proposed that if we got 8 sponsored walkers, Mike would wear a Cubs Hat. As you know, Mike has been a St. Louis Cardinal Fan most of his life. It was a stroke of genius, really. We had 3 volunteer walkers from our church last year and this year we have.... hmmmm.....I'm not sure how many at last count, but MORE than 8! Yes, Mike, you are going to have to wear a Cubs hat for the entire fundraising event!

You may not all know this but the Cubs and Cardinals have had a lively rivalry for pretty much ever.  Therefore, Mike has been the opposite of a Cubs Fan for pretty much ever. Just so you know, as I was setting up this photo, Mike said, "Don't take a picture of that hat!", then, he suggested I take a photo of it in the garbage.

Boo! That sounds like poor sportsmanship to me. He then was trying to figure out a way to wear it at the same time he wore his Cardinals hat. NOPE. That is not going to happen! He's got to do this right!

It did seem kind of a shame to pay for a Cubs hat, knowing that he'd only wear it for that walk, not a second longer. Last night I was looking at it and realized it was a Youth size! Aargh! So guess what!? I ordered another. Now I've purchased 2 cubs hats!

Oh well. It is worth it for this event.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Plant That Keeps on Giving

About 20 some years ago I received a slip from my Grandma Rose's dieffenbachia plant. Grandma Rose had a wonderfully green thumb and her house had lots and lots of plants in it. The dieffenbachia seemed like the queen of them all. She'd grow to the ceiling and Grandma would cut off pieces and give them away. That plant grew an inch or two a day...or something like that.

When we moved from Montana to Southern New Mexico in 1995, we knew we were in for a cozy drive. We had a Ford Taurus packed with 2 adults, an almost 10 year old boy, a just-turned 14 year old girl and a 21 month old Sam. Throw in 2 frightened cats, no, make that 1 frightened cat and 1 psycho cat. Did you know it is hard to walk cats to go potty when you are on a trip? So, in our trunk we had to make room for a litter box. I have no idea how we brought any clothing along but I'm sure we did.


I think you can understand why I had to give my dieffenbachia away. There was no place to set it in our car! I gave it to a good home, though. I gave it to my friend, Joey. I knew she would nurture  it.

Fast forward about 9 years. We moved back North, this time to Wyoming. Within that first year here, Joey came to Wyoming with a present for me... a cut from Grandma Rose's plant! I had not thought of it in some time but Joey remembered that it was from Grandma so she made a point of returning some of it to me.

This morning I was looking at the latest slip I cut from that plant. It is in water near a kitchen window and the morning light on it made me happy. It gave me happiness to think of this connection to Grandma Rose. It also gave me joy to have had a friend like Joey who knew how much I'd appreciate this returned gift.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

What's UP With Eric's Hair?

Mike & I were not prepared for trampoline season.  We hadn't even set up the safety net before the fun began. Just so you know, no one fell off and Eric supervised the raising of the safety net soon after these photos were taken.

I'm not so great at photographing action shots but I enjoyed these anyway.
The hair is especially entertaining. I'm setting it up so that if you scroll down fast,
 maybe you will get the feeling you've been on a trampoline as well!

Enjoy.... but don't get dizzy!

Now, just in case you missed it, go to Maria's blog to see the best photograph of that evening.

Monday, May 19, 2014


When this gate goes up at 
the top of our stairs, 
the stairs going down to the front door,
Bode knows what is coming!

The girls are coming!

He loves our little granddaughters but it is
the four-legged girls he is crazy for.

The gate goes there because he is SO crazy, he
will bulldoze through the people to get to them,
even those cute little people.

Sometimes the waiting is so hard.

Then, it's time for a fun evening!

Once everyone is here, he runs and jumps for awhile
but he does finally relax.

We all relax.

Every little detail is perfect.

Friday, May 16, 2014

I Like the middle

I am a middle child. I know that I am supposed to whine about that, but I really kind of like that spot. There is something about being in the middle that is comfortable for me. It is like I am protected by a sibling on either side! It's nice.

This post isn't about that kind of middle, though. It is about THIS middle...

Have you seen this show!?  Apparently it has been on for five years, but I only just started watching it. I think I'd seen a second or two of it once but didn't watch long enough to appreciate it. It is really funny! There is something about it that is really kind of familiar. 

I have a favorite character, too. Her name is Sue! Mike thinks she and I are a lot alike. Here's her photo...

She's a a goofy, awkward character and I think Mike refers to a resemblance to tease me.  Little did he know, I'm taking it as a compliment! That actually kind of proves he's right. That Sue would also perceive an insult as a compliment. I like her spirit and her insistence on being joyful and kind. So, thanks, Mike!

I'm thinking this actress must have a blast playing that sweet but silly character. Watch this little clip...

After watching her in several episodes, I decided she was really a very talented actress because I was totally believing in her character. She's a great comedic actress, even at that young age. She is made to look really homely on the show, but you can still tell she's a pretty girl. Tonight I decided to look her up on the internet. I wanted to see what she looked like in real life. Click here to see the transformation.

So, have you all already been watching this show? Are we the last ones to notice it? Who is your favorite character?

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