Saturday, September 26, 2015

With Gratitude

Today was beautiful. The weather was nice and we had granddaughters to entertain us.

The girls did some time with colors and stickers.

Finally, Elise told me she was tired of so much work.

So, we took off for a bit of an adventure... Hiking around a waterfall.

The girls were charming, thanking us many times for taking them to the waterfall.

It was just lovely.

Elise wanted to rearrange the rocks from puddle to puddle.

Again, she had a lot of work to do.

Cordelia was like a little mountain goat, jumping from rock to rock.


The mountain goat....

After that adventure we dropped Grandpa off and decided to go "walk over cars".  That is, we used the pedestrian crossover all that goes over a busy street. 

There is a nice playground on the other side.

Elise liked to get caught in the spider web.

They aren't always this sweet together, but often they are and my heart wants to burst.

At home, I made them work for their supper. We made rainbow pasta. It was messy but fun. I boiled up fettuccini. I had them hold gallon size zip lock bags while I squirted in some food colorinf, added some water and then some of the noodles. The girls worked the bags around to distribute the color. We did 6 different colors.

I drained each color separately.

It took some time and I had to reheat it, but it made for a fun meal.

These girls are so sweet and grateful, always saying thank-you. Elise was looking at a little plastic cow coin purse that she had given me some time ago. I reminded her that it was a gift from her and she said, "Thank you for liking it."

As I watched these girls play today, I felt such gratitude for the times we've had with them.  I do not take it for granted.

My life has been so full, so complete with husband, children, grandchildren...I know that many do not get all this that I enjoy.  I wish everyone did.

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