Sunday, January 25, 2015

Kids and Balloons

I took quite a few photos tonight of the Grandgirls playing with balloons. Kids and balloons are the elements of great picture taking, or so I thought. I couldn't get them to stand still! Most of the photos turned out quite blurry but I caught a few. As part of my responsibility for being the grandma in town, I like to post photos of the girls for their other grandmas as well as some aunts and cousins. 

The girls wanted to "bonk" people with their balloons, a harmless little game. What was funny was they both stopped at me. I am too "kind" to be hit with a balloon. Hmmmm... While touched, I didn't want to be too precious too sometimes be fun grandma as well. So, I made them include me. 

I love the relationship I have with those girls. I love every snuggle, every sticky kiss and every balloon bonk!

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