Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Rockin' Good Time

Yesterday Mike & I did indeed have a Rockin' Good Time!  We both had the day off so we made a trek to Independence Rock.  We packed up a lunch and took Bode along.

Let me tell you something about Independence Rock.  It is one BIG ROCK!

 It is along the part of the Oregon Trail where it intersects with the Mormon and California Trails and actually... well, here, let them tell you...

Can you imagine that?  Out in the middle of the Wyoming Prairie nearly HALF A MILLION people came through in wagons, on horseback and even on foot.  This giant rock became a place of importance because it was so noticeable, easy to see.   Many, many of these people took the time to carve their names into the stone.  People continue to do so.

I love the historical aspect of Independence Rock.  I also love the beauty of it!  Mike and I climbed over much of it, dragging poor Bode along.  The weather was beautiful!

 Mike was especially proud of this photo...

I learned that I enjoy climbing UP much better than climbing DOWN.  It is a lot steeper when you're going down!

Oh, I have so much more to show you and tell you, but so little time.  Tomorrow I will tell you about

Drama on the Rock!  

(I have another early work day so I will again be posting late tomorrow.)

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