Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Heart Homework

I am tooooo busy to blog right now. You see, I have to take an ACLS Course this week-end. For the non-medical among us, that stands for Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support. I wasn't too worried about it until I learned that I was supposed to have a book and be studying in preparation for it. I could have been studying for weeks but I didn't know. So, I just got the book this week and I am CRAMMING stuff into my tired old brain. I'm sure it will all turn out ok...kind of sure. I just need to focus a bit.

Since I am studying about how to care for people suffering a heart attack, I thought maybe I'd use this opportunity to educate all of you as well. Don't worry. I won't make you study. Just watch this cute video. It is humorous but it makes a good point. There will be a test later. No, wait, I'm the one who will be taking a test later this week. You just watch and learn...

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