Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Tutorial - Long Curly Hair

I have a lot of hair and it grows quickly. It takes me about three to four years for me to grow out a pixie to the length it is now. I've been called a Chia Pet. I believe I come from a long line of quick hair growers!

Everyone always thinks they want thick hair, so I'm not complaining. However, it takes time if you want to fix it. Long ago, I developed a cheater's way to curl my hair. Recently it occurred to me that maybe some other Chia Pet would like to know my secret. So, this is my first, and likely last, hair tutorial. If you have long hair, this may be of interest to you. If you do not have long hair, my apologies for writing a boring post.

So, here is how I curl my hair when I have to be at work waaaaaaay too early. It is not unusual for me to leave for my work day around 5:00 a.m.  I do not want to get up any earlier than I must so I use a technique I first used when I was in high school.

I bathe and wash my hair the night before. I blow dry it until I feel no more wet strands. Maybe you can curl wet hair at night and it will be dry by morning, but mine would still be quite soggy. So, here is what you need for this version of long, curly hair.

Yep, those are sponge curlers and yes, they still make them.
Bend over at your wait and put a ponytail right on top of your head.
I used 6 medium sized sponge curlers for this look.
It is fun to try out smaller ones, more of them, for smaller spirals.

It looks rather dopey, so just go to bed.
The beauty of this method is, although you are sleeping in curlers,
you are not sleeping ON curlers as they are on the top of your head only.

In the morning, when I take the rollers out, I'm always glad that I 
planned ahead so I can quickly get ready for work.

Honestly, I often don't even bother to brush it as it
comes out looking pretty neat.

If you want it to stay that curly all day, though,
you may want to use some hairspray.

Mine usually loosens up as the day wears on.

Because I am a nurse,  I always must pull it 
back in a ponytail or pretty barrette.
It works and it is easy.
Now you know my secret.

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