Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Shy Tulips

My daughter's blog is titled, Little Things Are Big ( http://maria-rose.blogspot.com/ ), because she wanted to acknowledge all the small things that make up for a great life, things that we often take for granted if we even notice them at all.  I've learned a few lessons from her.

You know how tulips usually smile out their bright colors ridiculously early, often while there is still snow on the ground?  Well, mine were really shy this year.  For WEEKS they looked like they were about to open but did not.  Other flowers were blooming, but not the tulips.  Last week I decided to take their picture everyday and FINALLY I got what I was hoping for.  Here are the pictures from last week.  It took me until about Wednesday to realize the dandelion was stealing the show and had to go.  Although it took all week to reach full glory, you'll see the tulips really had a surprise waiting inside!

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