Friday, April 27, 2012

Checking the Stats

This morning started out kind of lazy so I was indulging myself and messing around on the computer.  I changed the style of my blog about a dozen times.  I kind of want to try all the options so hang on!  Finally, I decided to look in on my blog stats.

For those of you who don't know, we bloggers have access to stats about our own blogs.  I kind of forget that I have the option to look at those numbers but every now and then I like to check them.  This is what I found out today...

One of the stats available is the number of page views.  It is kind of skewed because when I change the style of my blog it changes the way the page views are counted but it gives me a good idea of which posts receive the most attention.

Sorry about the quality of this photo but this shows part of the screen, enough for you to see the most popular posts were A Change of Heart (thanks Allen), A Gentle Donkey Kind of King (based on Mike's children's sermon), and Breath of God.  None of those posts were based on my own fascinating thoughts or observations but I don't really think we need to talk about that aspect of my stats!  

The stat I most enjoy checking out is the one that describes my audience...

This one fascinates me!  I do not know how people from Russia, India or any other countries happen upon my blog but I love it.  As a child I can remember teachers encouraging us to establish pen pals with children in other countries.  I think the idea was that by communicating directly with someone from a different culture we would grow up to be understanding of others.  Maybe that is really a small step toward world peace.  Think of what the internet has done!  We can now so easily communicate with people around the world!  We don't have to be diplomats or foreign missionaries or adventure travelers.  An ordinary American nurse can go online and share thoughts with all sorts of people.

Sometimes I kind of freak myself out when I look at the audience stats.  Knowing that much of language can mean different things to different people, I wonder if something I might write would offend someone from Pakistan or Germany or even just someone in a different area of the United States.  I hope I never do that but if I do, I hope you will be forgiving.

I can see what countries have been represented since I began my blog, how many this week, this day and even at this  moment.  Right now there are 41 people from the United States and 1 person from Australia reading my blog.  I think that 1 person from Australia must be having trouble sleeping.  

I really love receiving comments about my posts.  I suppose some of that is simply pride in knowing I've started a conversation, that people are interested in my topic for the day.  Sometimes it is funny to see which posts draw the most comments.  Between Facebook comments and those left here, I had a lot of feedback on washing out plastic bags! Funny, huh?  When people comment, though, it gives a voice to the thoughts of others, not just mine.  So,  if you have been reluctant to leave a comment, please know that I would love it.  If you are one who has difficulty leaving comments here, you may also e-mail me and I will transfer your comment to my posts.  My e-mail address is

I just want to say "thank you" to my readers, from the long-time loyalists to those just dropping in for today.  I appreciate that you've taken the time to stop by.

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