Friday, October 24, 2014

Orange Candle

This sick stuff is getting old already. I just got up to do a little experiment and was surprised at how exhausting it was. One advantage to being at this stage in my life is that when sick, I don't have to take care of little kids or anything. I can just focus on getting past the fever, aches, cough, etc. without wearing myself out around the house. For all you young parents out there without that advantage... sorry.

Want to hear about the experiment?

I have my phone, my Kindle and my laptop all on or by the bed. Mostly I just had Netflix playing episode after episode of "Bones" but last night I looked at Pinterest. I saw a pin about lighting oranges to burn as candles. Doesn't that sound refreshing! This morning I started breathing a little through my nose again (progress!) and realized that this little room could use some freshening up. I remembered the Orange idea.

I tried and I tried to light my orange but nothing happened. It was a waste of some good Vitamin C if you ask me.  Maybe I missed a vital instruction from the Pin. Maybe I was supposed to pour gasoline on it first or something.


I had a brainstorm!

I suddenly knew what I could burn like a candle, something with a lovely smell... one of my many candles!  That works. I am eating the rest of that orange!

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