Friday, July 13, 2012

The Men in Their Lives

Cordelia and Elise are two very lucky little girls.

They have something a lot of children do not.

They have an abundance of good men in their lives.

First, they have a loving, long-distance uncle.  Uncle Ben lives far away but has remained involved and interested in his nieces.  I know it was hard for him this week to be so far away.  He made a lot of phone calls, worrying about his sister and the baby during labor and rejoicing with the news of the birth.  Both girls will grow up knowing their Uncle Ben loves them, no matter how far away.

Uncle Sam is very much a part of their lives.  Cordelia already feels comfortable playing with him and and loves him dearly.  I am certain Elise will feel the same.  Although technically still a teenager, Sam is a solid young man and will also give the girls the idea of how a man should treat them.

We all know about Grandpa Mike, right?  He is gentle yet fun and I am sure that Elise will clamor to be near him just as Cordelia does.  Like Cordy says, "You are my boy, Grandpa!"

The girls have uncles, cousins and a grandpa on their other side of the family as well.  They have so many men to care about them!  For a long time, though, the most important man in their lives will be their Dad.  As grandparents I can't tell you what peace it brings us to know they will be raised by Eric.  He is such a good man and he loves their mother so much.  Those girls will, without a doubt, witness a good and kind marriage.  That has got to mean a lot when they are making choices in their futures.  

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