Wednesday, January 23, 2013

55 Year Maintenance

I am feeling pretty good about myself this month.  You see, I HATE to make appointments, medical or otherwise. I don't know why but I hate making the phone calls almost more than going to the appointments. I decided, though, that this month I was going to get all my maintenance work done before I turned "double nickels" as Sam calls it.

For my day off last week I had my teeth cleaned and got a great report from my dentist. That same morning I went for my yearly physical and later in the day I even went to the DMV to renew my driver's license. Getting those three things done in one day was pretty awesome. I felt very self-righteous.

Yesterday, for my day off, I went to the eye doctor, got my mammogram done and threw in an ultrasound of my gallbladder just for good times. I only took photos from the vision center. You understand.
I snapped this photo before the doctor walked in. I think I would have been mortified had he caught me! Since I started blogging I've become pretty weird about pictures. Everything now needs photographed just in case I need to blog about it later.

Anyway, all that was done by 11:00 a.m.! After a delightful mall lunch with Mike, Sam, Maria, Elise and Cordelia I went back to the eye doctor's office to pick out new glasses. Mike came along, which he has never done before. That was interesting... in a good way, actually. You see, he's still the person I want most to like how I look. On the way there I thought to myself that I'd try to go with his choice, no matter what.


Now, ladies, don't panic. He was kidding. Actually, they don't look so bad in the photo, do they? In real life they made me look a bit like a bug. Luckily, though, we seemed to like pretty much the same glasses so it wasn't all that hard. The pair we chose did not have a price tag on them but I didn't think they were the expensive ones. I was wrong. It turns out we have expensive taste. If you know me, though, you know I am frugal in such things. Extreme frugality and expensive taste is a sad mixture of attributes. Well, you will be glad to know that Mike encouraged me to go with the expensive ones so I could feel good in them. Had he not been there, I'd have just brought in some Walmart sunglasses and asked them to pop out the dark lenses and put my corrective lenses in them.  Not really...that of course never crossed my mind... ok, it did...but do you think that could work? M a y b e   n e x t    t i m e . . .

So, I did take a photo of the chosen glasses before I left. Of course they won't arrive for a week or so. They are really just an ordinary basic black as that blended with my hair better. Apparently it was the shape of them that we liked, and it must have been the shape of them that cost extra.

What will I remember about the day? I will remember my sweet man encouraging me to spend a little extra money on myself for no other reason than to feel good about how I look. That leaves me all warm and happy inside.

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