Monday, September 12, 2011

Old Maid and Forgiveness

Yesterday Mike's sermon was about my blog and Old Maid.

OK, that wasn't really the point of the sermon. 
The sermon was actually about forgiveness.
He spoke of the verse in Matthew 18 where Peter asked Jesus
how many times he should forgive someone.
Basically he was told that he should keep forgiving indefinitely.

Mike also said that witholding forgiveness is like carrying
around something that is dead and stinky.
I really liked that description as it
so clearly gives the mental picture
of how horrible it is to keep dragging
around those feelings of
anger and resentment
put it down.

Anyway, back to Old Maid.
Did you read this post that had a little teeny, tiny
mention of playing Old Maid with Mike and his Mom?
Well, Mike referred to that post and
 told the congregation that I had
slandered him on the internet!

(I hope you are smiling right now, as this was all in good fun.)

Mike went on to say how difficult it was to
forgive me
for the public slander.
Finally, he said that he would forgive me since
I am so beautiful and ....................... he said more nice stuff about me
but after hearing "beautiful" I was unable to focus on
much of anything else.  I felt embarrassed but it was the
good kind of embarrassed.

So, because Mike publicly called me beautiful
I will forgive HIM for being such a cheater
at Old Maid...

...but I don't think I will play it with him again anytime soon!

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