Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Grandmother's Flower Garden

I have something to show you...

It is a quilt top made by my great grandma. That's what we called her, too, was just Great Grandma. 

My Grandma Rose (whom we called Big Grandma when we were little kids) gave this to me to finish.  She'd heard I was enjoying making quilts and she thought I'd enjoy finishing this one.

I was so excited when I received this gift! I'd never done real quilting, mostly just patchwork quilts. My experience did not extend to hand stitched quilts such as this one. This was going to be a big project for me but I really wanted to do it!

Well, my life got busy and years passed by. Every time I looked at that quilt top I'd think that soon I'd have the time to learn how to do it right. I kept putting it off, though. Then one day this summer I went to Facebook and I saw this posted by my cousin, Diahann.  

(Yes, I totally stole this photo from Facebook without permission.)

She'd just completed this quilt. Is it not beautiful?!  It must have taken a lot of talent and a lot of time and patience. I instantly knew who needed to have Great Grandma's quilt top! I wasn't as instant about actually sending it to her (it has taken 2 months for me to get around to it) but this week I finally shipped it off . Mike asked if I felt sad about it. I told him it was kind of like when you find a dog that you really liked and had for a bit but then its real owner was found.  Yes, I know I no longer have this precious piece of history at my house, but I am most certain that quilt top has found its way to the correct great-granddaughter. 

And, as long as I am stealing photos, this one came off my Aunt Michelle's blog, A Wyoming 
Woman's Thoughts.  It is my great grandma (the one who made the quilt top) in the teal dress, surrounded by her daughters. Grandma Rose is the one in red.

What kind of family treasures do you have tucked away in your homes?

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