Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hello. My Name is Susan and I am a Crochetaholic

I've known for awhile that I have a problem.  I want to crochet all the time.  I sneak yarn and a hook along with me most anywhere I go.

Sure, it began as social crocheting.  I'd visit with others while crocheting.  I'd appropriately crochet on a cold winter night.  Then, I started crocheting alone.  I've crocheted in secret.  When I'm not crocheting, I often find myself wondering when my next stitch will be.  I no longer crochet only at traditional times.  I even crochet in the Summer!  It has reached the point where I actually found myself crocheting at the beach!

Recently, though, I found a new way to support my addiction.  It was really quite clever, I thought.  When Mike and I were returning from out of town one night, it got too dark for me to crochet.  I wasn't ready to stop.  What to do?  What to do?  THEN, I thought of my new Acer Iconia Tablet.  It lights up!  I turned it on and set up as though I was going to write a fresh new document so that I could get to a bright, white screen.  Then...

Yes, I did.  I crocheted by the light of my tablet.  It wasn't the most satisfying crocheting experience, but it supported my addiction enough for the moment.

Sadly, I can't be helped until I am ready to be helped... so don't even try.

footnote:  I hope that I've not offended anyone with my silliness.  I do realize alcoholism is a serious problem and I have a high regard for Alcoholics Anonymous.

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