Friday, July 12, 2013

A Waterfall and a Buffalo

It was just an ordinary Thursday yesterday. However, for a few hours, I felt like I was on vacation.

 With Maria and the granddaughters I went to a little waterfall. It is a beautiful little setting and only about 15 minutes away!

Both girls enjoyed the water. The spray felt good!

Cordelia and I were wearing flip-flops so we felt free to splash through the shallow creek at the bottom of the waterfall.

Elise thought she should do the same.

It was relaxing and fun.

I had beautiful company...

...and lovely water. 

It just doesn't get better than that!

We drove back into town for another adventure. Maria had received notification that Cordelia had won a little drawing at a local grocery store. Her prize? A Buffalo! She wondered on the way there if it would be a real buffalo. Were you wondering that as well? That would be absurd but my Mom once won a Shetland Pony!

Thankfully, Cordelia's buffalo was a manageable size.

What a sweet couple of hours out  of my day! 

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