Thursday, February 05, 2015

Retro Post...I Sometimes Forget

I posted this in March of 2011. I love this poem and for those who missed it, I really wanted to be certain to publish it again.  (I changed the photo as the original photo was a stock photo. This is one I took myself.)

I Sometimes Forget

I didn't write the following.  I found it probably 6 years ago, printed in a church bulletin for an advent service I attended.  It really spoke to me that night.  I stumbled upon it this morning and thought it was perfect following the blog about fear that I posted yesterday.  I would give credit to the author but no name was attached to it.  I hope the poem touches you as it did me.

In the dark,
I sometimes forget the light will come, the stars will shine.
In the rain,
I sometimes forget the sun will come out, the land will be green and fresh.
In the rush,
I sometimes forget how to slow down, how to be still.
In the noise,
I sometimes forget the quiet will come, peace will return.
In the loneliness,
I sometimes forget you are always here, you are holding me.
In the cold,
I sometimes forget who warms my heart, who holds my soul.
In the fear,
I sometimes forget to trust in you, to lean on you.
Forgive me, God, for not remembering that laughter will follow tears,
Joy will follow the sorrow, healing will follow the hurt,
Day will follow the night, because I sometimes forget. Amen

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