Saturday, March 10, 2012

Save Those Legs!

My Mom is a lovely person, a kind mother and my friend.  You know how there are "givers" and "takers" in this world?  Well, my Mom is most definitely a "giver".  In fact, she is among the most givingest givers ever!  That is a fact.  I wanted you to know that before I tell you about her dark side.

My Mom is famous for mailing packages late...sometimes very, very late.  The truth is, I think she really hates mailing packages.  Sometimes she just never mailed them at all.  One year, when we lived several states away from her, she gave us all our year's worth of birthday presents at once... in July!  The thing is, she would buy the gifts in a timely manner, it was just that post office bit that threw her for a loop.

Actually, it was quite entertaining to us.  Sometimes it was a lot of fun because packages would arrive when you least expected them, maybe on a day one of us really needed a lift or something.  We tease her but it is just one of her characteristics we find charming.  In fact, I apparently thought it was such an endearing trait that I've been working for years and feel I've done a pretty good job of perfecting it in myself.

Recently, I received an unexpected package from Mom.  It was addressed to me and I did have a birthday in February so I thought maybe it was a birthday present.  The odd thing was that Mom and I had traveled together to Minnesota in February and she had bought me some really cool presents already at that time.  Also, we've kind of phased out of that mode of buying gifts all the time because we all have so much already.  My concern with the package was that I thought maybe Mom had forgotten all that.  I was wrong.

When I opened the little package I laughed out loud.  This is what I saw...

You see, when Mom and I were on our trip she learned about how deeply cheap I am.  One day I came out of the hotel bathroom looking for a band-aid as I'd cut myself shaving.  She was rather appalled when I told her that usually happens when I start with a new razor.  I just buy whatever is on sale, pretty much always looking for the cheapest deal.  As it turns out, all razors are not created equal. Who knew?  Mom gave me a little lecture about buying better razors.  I believe I was planning to follow that advice, but not until I'd used up the whole bag of cheap razors, of course.  Well, Mom knows me pretty well so she just sent me the new, improved razors.

Isn't it pretty?  And can you believe it, there are 5 blades!  Best of all.... NO BLOOD!

Thanks, Mom!  I promise I will throw out the vampire razors!

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