Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Anything But Love

You know how some scents or maybe a song can take you back to a different place and time? For instance, the smell of Dove soap takes me right back to my Grandma Rose's house. I love Dove soap for that reason! Do you have things like that?

Well, lately Mike and I have been taking miniature trips back to 1989 and on into the early 90's. We lived in Montana and Mike was pastor at his first parish. Our first year there I was able to stay at home. It was an especially sweet time with Ben, our second oldest. He was 4 years old and I loved that year of getting to focus on time with him. Several years later I was able to stay at home another year when Sam was a baby.

During those stay-at-home years I also got to see more of Mike. We were living in a church parsonage, only a block from our church. One of the nice things about that was that Mike could easily walk home for lunch. Before he went back to the church for the afternoon, we'd turn the television on and watch this show:

Do you remember that series? For Mike's birthday this year, I ordered some DVDs of the show. Holy Cow! There are a LOT of episodes on just a couple of DVDs. Mike and I are chipping away at them a little at a time.

I'm not going to tell you this show is especially edifying or anything. However the characters are quirky and fun and we are entertained. The best part of watching them again, though, is just spending that time together and walking through those memories of a different time. Those weird little strings of shared memories are part of what is sweet about growing older (I'm not saying "old" yet) together. I like that.

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