Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Half Mast

It was a somber morning at work today. One of our own had become very ill just over a week ago. When I had visited her in the hospital she told me she would miss the jokes I put on my office for each day. So, last week I took daily photos of them and sent them to her daughter, also a co-worker and friend, to share with her.

When I got to work today and learned she had died, I just didn't feel it was respectful to put up another joke. There is a time to laugh and a time to cry, I felt. 
Instead, this is what I put up...

It seemed right to me. Hopefully it seemed respectful to my co-workers as well.

Her name was Gloria. She was a sassy, spunky lady.  By this afternoon, people were reminding each other of her sense of humor and some of the things that made her special.  There were even some chuckles as people spoke of ways she had made them laugh. She loved to laugh.

Isn't that kind of how life is sometimes?  The weeping and the laughter can be so close together, even happen simultaneously on occasion?  Life is funny that way.

Gloria was a person of faith, a person who knew true hope. I don't feel sad for her. In fact, I rather like wondering about what joy she is experiencing right now. I feel sad for her family. I feel sad for her work family.  But, I also know about real hope and I do believe death is just another beginning. 

The jokes will be back on my door again. Gloria would not have wanted that to stop. But, today was a day of half mast. It was a day we recognized our loss.

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