Friday, September 19, 2014

When I'm Gone

Yesterday we were at the funeral of a lady who was a friend and supporter of so many at our church and actually around the community. Mike officiated at the funeral and I know it was hard for him. However, he always seems to know just the right things to say to give a message of comfort and hope. 

This friend left us very unexpectedly. She had a day of doing things she enjoyed and when she went to bed that night I do not believe she knew her time here was over. What maybe seemed like an ordinary day, ended up being a date that will be written next to her date of birth on her tombstone. 

As I was pondering all this our daughter, Maria, told me of a Latin term she was researching, Memento Mori. It means "remember that you must die". Although it sounds rather ominous, it also seems quite simple. For some reason I found comfort in that. I'm not quite sure why it comforted me. Can you explain it? Maybe it is just because it makes us realize that death is normal. It is expected. 

At any rate, I've been thinking about our friend and the husband who now must travel that path of grief so many have traveled before him.  I am grateful for the faith we share, knowing our time of parting is only temporary.  It does not stop the pain of grief, but it sure gives us knowledge of a peace and joy yet to come.

Last night Mike & I were watching a few videos on YouTube and we came upon this one.  It seemed appropriate for this post. It may make you cry, but it is a song of hope and recovery.

Click on the blue words to read more about why Maria was researching Memento Mori.

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