Thursday, February 16, 2012

Yesterday was a simply sweet day.  I went over to pick up Maria and Cordelia for a morning out.  First, though, Cordy let me know that it was her "pretend birthday".  So, we went up to her sweet little girl room and ate pretend birthday cake and then I sang "Happy Pretend Birthday Dear Cordelia".  She was pleased but needed to rest for a minute before we headed out.

We then went to search for vintage treasures for Wyoming Rose Boutique.  We found some new dandies.  Maria will clean them and look for any needed repairs and they will soon be found here.  I also found a few new tops and after I clean them and look for any needed repairs they will soon be found in my closet.

Next, on to Hobby Lobby.  That place is like a magnet to us!  Cordelia was so pretty and sweet, she looked almost angelic.  As I put her in the shopping cart she sweetly said, "I'm going to toot in the cart!"  I think that is enough about that.

We always enjoy Hobby Lobby but it is really a dangerous place.  We both already have so many projects going, yet I found myself saying things like, "Maybe we need to learn to quill."  We had to step away from the quill display, realizing we needed to keep our focus.  I just love learning a new craft, but I was there on a specific mission.  I was looking for fancy strings or tiny yarns.  I'll update you on what that is for in the near future!

We took our PBJ's and ate a sack lunch at church with Mike.  After we ate Cordelia was feeling good!  There was some piano-playing, dancing and playing of follow-the-leader.

After dropping off the girls I took the lazy route home just to get a glimpse of the river.  It changes daily but I always feel a little refreshed just by seeing it.   

Later in the afternoon Mike called.  His sister, Karen, and her husband, Gregg, were in town.  Sam came with me and we all met at the mall for some visiting time.  It's nice that we live within just a few hours of them now so we are able to get together more than we have in years past.

Mike had to work late last night so I worked on a project for Hospice.  I am on a committee to set up resources for pediatric hospice care.  I do not look forward to caring for a pediatric patient in a hospice setting but I want to be fully prepared when that day arrives.  Just reading the material makes me weep.  I can not imagine being a parent of a dying child... or maybe I can, but I don't want to.

Well, I started off with a fluffy, happy post but I sure ruined the mood with that last paragraph!  Sorry.

I hope you have a lovely day today.  Does anyone have any big plans for the week-end?

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