Friday, May 10, 2013

Grandpa Red's Footstool

Elise recently become the next kid to really, really love my grandfather's footstool. I thought I had posted about that footstool before but I couldn't find it so maybe I didn't so now I will. Can anyone say, "run on sentence"?

My Aunt Michelle gave that footstool to my Grandpa Red maybe almost 50 years ago. I remember it when I was pretty young. I used it in lots of adventures as it could be flipped out and opened up in a variety of interesting ways. I think I pretended it was a boat a lot. Well, I was among the first group of grandchildren to play with that footstool but I most certainly wasn't the last. Many generations have enjoyed it! It has been reupholstered and it doesn't have all the adjustability it once had, but it still is precious to me.

When my Grandma Rose died and her house was sold, I didn't hear anyone wanting to claim the stool. My Aunt Michelle said that I could take it home so I did. I couldn't bear to think of it going to a dumpster! I don't think of myself as the owner of the footstool, but rather the keeper of the footstool. I know that I have cousins who played with it. My children and many of my cousins' children also played with it. Now, my grandchildren are enjoying it. I doubt very much that my Aunt Michelle ever dreamed of this footstool being a treasure to future generations but it certainly is!

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