Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Bird in My Hair

So here's a funny story... maybe not all that funny, but it's a story.

We were at Walmart purchasing 20 bags of mulch for our yard. Mike was in the store getting some other items while the Walmart employee was inside loading up the bags to bring them out to our vehicle. I had opened a back side door of Mike's SUV to lay the back seats down. I was bent forward and my hair was kind of blowing around my face when I felt fluttering around my face, shoulder and hair. I shrieked (don't would have, too!) and swiped at it before I realized it was a little bird! I got still, not wanting to hurt it and it hopped across to the door on the other side. It looked like it needed a rest so I took my phone out to get a photo. I should not have done that, I suppose, but I was thinking like a blogger. Sorry, little bird.

I moved to go around to open up that door but he tried flying out a closed window and crashed. He was embarrassed about that so as I opened up ALL the doors, he hopped down and hid under the driver's seat for awhile. By then, the Walmart lady was loading up the back end. I explained what was going on but she just kept loading. Well, she had a job to do.

Finally, I kind of pounded on the seat (again, sorry, little bird) until he decided it was time to escape.

That's it. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

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