Friday, July 24, 2015

Mountain Hike

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of going on a two hour hike up a mountain with my daughter. What a sweet pleasure! 

It was a pretty strenuous hike for me but soooo worth it.  The scenery was so beautiful and two hours with Maria was a real treat.  She does this hike frequently so she showed me the way, pointing out beautiful things along the way. When, early on, I asked how high we were going, she wasn't exactly forthcoming. That was probably for the best as I had no clue how much climbing it would entail.  As it turned out, my Fitbit thinks I climbed 105 flights of stairs that day! 

Anyway, I took my phone along so you, too, may enjoy the hike.  

Great day! 

Friday Funny

 This Far Side cartoon was what I put on my office door one day this week.  I really wish we did have such a system! 

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