Saturday, February 04, 2012


We received the news yesterday morning that my brother's former wife was killed in a motor vehicle accident Thursday evening.  I haven't been around her much for quite a few years but she was mother to my nieces, Sarah, Rachel and Elisabeth, as well as my nephew, Matthew.  I am picking up my mother today and heading to Minnesota to be with them.  I can not imagine the pain her children are enduring at this time.  

I have no great comfort to offer my nieces and my nephew.  I do not have words of wisdom for them.  What I do have are memories to share with them.  I met their mother when we were both in junior high school.  I can remind them how pretty she was.  I can talk about how generous she was with her talents.  I believe Maria still has the quilt Ginger made for her when she was born.  I can talk about her quiet smile.  I can reflect on her skills as a cook.  I remember what a hard worker she was.

Ginger's kids know all these things, though.  I think mostly I will just listen to them talk; they knew her better than any of us did.  Their loss is deep.  All I really have to offer is a sense of caring.  Mom and I go representing the rest of the family that can't be there.  We will go to let Ginger's children and grandchilren know that we remember her and that we are so very sorry for their loss.  

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