Friday, October 14, 2011

Bode at 9 Months Old

Bode is 9 months old now.  We've had him for 5 months.  Following are 12 of the things I've learned about Bode so far:

1)     He like to sleep in.  As I compose this post he is snoring.  He can sleep in the strangest positions!

2)     He is a "velcro" dog.  He prefers to be stuck to one of his people at all times.

3)     His whole body wags furiously when he greets us.  Mike calls him Mr. Wiggles.

4)     He does not like to potty away from home.  He will hold it and hold it on a long walk but if we stop to talk to someone and he gets all excited, look out!

5)     He get lots of compliments for his good looks.  Seriously, I have had strangers stop their cars to tell me I sure have a good-looking dog.  It happens a lot.

6)     He believes all things are edible...duct tape, razors, plastic bags, newspaper, yarn, measuring tape, underwear, blankets, couches, wood, milk jugs, his kennel, Mike's hat, house plants, Sam's shoes... I think you get the idea here.

7)     He gets diarrhea a lot.  That may have something to do with #6.

8)     He loves practicing his commands, such as "sit", "stay", "come" and "lay down" as long as there are treats involved.

9)     He barks like a tiny girl dog when he wants something.  It is high-pitched and persistent.  Our son-in-law, Eric, was the first to tell him, "Bark like a man!"

10)   He has a very deep and menacing bark when he sees his own reflection in the sliding glass door.

11)   Bumblebee is his best friend.

12)   He loves EVERYBODY.  He enjoys meeting strangers although he is not always appropriate with his greeting.

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