Friday, November 09, 2012

Just Leaf It Up To Us

As I drove home from work yesterday I remembered that today is the day our city will be picking up our bags of leaves.  That was good news because we had a lot of bags tucked in different places around our lot.   It was bad news because I'd had a 9 hour day of running and I was tired to the bone.  Our bags all needed to be hauled to the curb.  It needed to be done before dark.  Sam helped me, thank goodness, as it turned out that we had about 60 bags to haul!  That's a lot of leaves!

Other people on our street had their bags out as well.  A few had five or six bags.  The people across the street had two bags.  Our 60 looked pretty ridiculous.  We don't have more trees than everyone else but we live on the part of the block where the road curves.  It seems leaves come blowing down the street and they don't take that curve; they just settle at our place.  

Oh well.  That's how it goes.  Sometimes other people's problems land at our doorstep and become our's.  We can handle it.  We got the job done.

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