Thursday, September 20, 2012

Our Mouthy Blue Dinner Guest

 For days I've been taking photos like this...

 ...and this.

Once I was near the door when our visitor dropped by.  I even had my camera close.  However, when I reached for my camera I dropped my crochet hook on the floor... my metal crochet hook.  It was noisy.    Needless to say, I missed the moment.

 Day after day I'd take photos of Bode's dog dish.

 I'd wait and wait, listen for my cue, then miss the shot I waited for.

Sometimes I'd almost get it, only to have Bode disrupt the scene.

But last night our little dinner guest squawked overhead for a bit.  I've come to learn that he announces his arrival to the neighborhood.  This time, Bode was sleeping.  I quickly got my camera and then sat as still as I could on a chair in my living room.  I waited and THIS time it paid off!  Can you see our dinner guest in this photo?  Sorry, but I had to zoom in and of course lost a lot of photo quality that way.

He hopped down by the dog dish and looked around a bit.

Then he helped himself to dinner.

He flew off but I heard more squawking and sure enough, he returned for dessert!    

 He took one more piece and was gone for the evening.  I was satisfied.

Who knew that blue jays enjoyed Purina?

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