Thursday, September 20, 2012

Our Mouthy Blue Dinner Guest

 For days I've been taking photos like this...

 ...and this.

Once I was near the door when our visitor dropped by.  I even had my camera close.  However, when I reached for my camera I dropped my crochet hook on the floor... my metal crochet hook.  It was noisy.    Needless to say, I missed the moment.

 Day after day I'd take photos of Bode's dog dish.

 I'd wait and wait, listen for my cue, then miss the shot I waited for.

Sometimes I'd almost get it, only to have Bode disrupt the scene.

But last night our little dinner guest squawked overhead for a bit.  I've come to learn that he announces his arrival to the neighborhood.  This time, Bode was sleeping.  I quickly got my camera and then sat as still as I could on a chair in my living room.  I waited and THIS time it paid off!  Can you see our dinner guest in this photo?  Sorry, but I had to zoom in and of course lost a lot of photo quality that way.

He hopped down by the dog dish and looked around a bit.

Then he helped himself to dinner.

He flew off but I heard more squawking and sure enough, he returned for dessert!    

 He took one more piece and was gone for the evening.  I was satisfied.

Who knew that blue jays enjoyed Purina?


Anne Marie said...

We've had robins eating the kitty food we put out for the neighborhood kitty all summer. Since the food is only out when we are, those are some bold robins! We had one that could come take the food even if I was sitting only a couple of feet away from it, and we actually had him trained to "fetch". We'd toss a piece to him, and he'd swoop down and grab it! Birds are "da bomb"...hahaha, sometimes literally... ;o)

Sue said...

Too funny! Yes, they are "da bomb". Mike (the brother one, not the husband one) had blue jays dive bomb him before. He deserved it, though, as he was trying to mess with their nest. I suppose I should make it clear that this occurred when we were children, not last week or anything.

Janet, said...

A lot of people don't like blue jays, but I do. They are so pretty in the winter at our bird feeders. We've seen them a few times this summer, too. I didn't know they liked Purina, either.

Michelle said...

Megan has named your blue jay
"Mordecai" after a blue jay character in a cartoon she watches (Regular Show)!

Love the sequence of photos. Such a gorgeous bird.

EJN said...

Love the pix!

Anonymous said...

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