Monday, September 29, 2014

Cordelia, Age Five

We've had a fun several days celebrating Cordelia's 5th birthday.  I so love that girl! It seems those 5 years went by so quickly but on the other hand, it is hard to think of a time when we didn't even know her.

Tonight, I feel such gratitude. I was standing behind Cordelia and looking across at Maria as we sang Happy Birthday. Suddenly, I was reminded of how I stood by Cordelia in the hospital right after she was born and I looked across her to Maria.  I remember being very aware that Maria was bleeding. She was bleeding much more than what is normal. I so clearly remember looking at that new baby girl and realizing she might be raised without her mother. It was an awful moment. Still, I think it is important to remember it as it just makes me so, so grateful for how that story went.  The doctor saved Maria's life. Her wonderful body was designed to rebuild the lost blood. She recovered and she has been an absolute wonderful mother to her beautiful girls.

OK, enough of that.

Now, enjoy photos from Cordelia's birthday party.

 Cordy invited her preschool teachers, who were so gracious to attend.
Kylie and Gwen were her teachers from previous years.

Amanda is her current teacher.
Cordelia really, really loves her teachers!

The cupcake pinata was a hit.

 One of Cordelia's guests was a little boy who lives across the street.
He and Cordelia were born on the same day,
in the same hospital,
delivered by the same doctor.
Isn't it strange/cool that they ended up living
across the street from each other?

Maria and Eric did such a nice job with this party.
They didn't spend a stupid amount of money.
They got out all their fun stuff, spread
it around the backyard and let the kids
just be kids.

It was great!
As the party progressed, the
play got a bit more wild and crazy.
The kids had so much fun!

The kids loved all piling into the tent and rolling!

I didn't even ask...

One guest was very young but
Cordelia enjoyed her as well.

Happy Birthday, beautiful granddaughter!

Saturday, September 27, 2014


Today was Cordelia's Birthday Party with her friends. Maria and Eric did a wonderful job of throwing a party where kids could just have fun. It was a lovely party. I will get my photos together and give you a taste of the joy of the day, but for now, I just want to share this one.  It is just so sweet.

Friday, September 26, 2014


Our nephew, Adam, is in town for a visit. Of course we have known Adam since he was a baby, long enough to tease him about his childhood and all that. Today has been a fun day just spending time together, getting to know him as an adult.  What a nice guy he is, interesting and fun to have around.  I wish he lived closer!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Sparkle Hair, Freckles and Firecrackers

So, I've always said that when I started going gray I was going to dye my hair red. Then, when I was working as a chemotherapy nurse, I tried on a redhead wig. It was a beautiful wig, but not on me! I guess I should have realized I didn't have the right skin for red hair but it really was a bit of a disappointment. Maria, however, looks great with red hair! That's a consolation to me. I enjoy seeing it on her.

I was then planning on coloring my hair at least my normal dark brown color. However, my hair grows very, very quickly.  I think it took about a year to go from hair just below my ears to hair this long.  That may not seem like a problem but when you are a Chia Pet, you are going to have roots growing out so very quickly! I do NOT like the idea of roots showing. So, what to do? Well, I'm thinking I should just let it happen. I decided I will just gray gracefully. Truthfully, I only have about 4 of them but they are actually kind of pretty... so far.
I've decided to think of my new hairs as my "sparkle hair".  Doesn't that put a better spin on it? I also have a lot of freckles on my hands. I INSIST on calling them freckles, not age spots!  I always wanted freckles.  Now, I just need to think of a positive sounding name for wrinkles.  I always wanted dimples?  Maybe if I get enough sagging in my cheeks, some of it will sink inward. 

A little aside here... I recently met a patient with a b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l dimple. When I complimented her on it she told me it was fake. I thought she'd had consmetic surgery to get it but that wasn't it. She'd been hit in the face with a firecracker as a child and it left behind nothing more than a deep and delightful dimple. When she told me that story I exclaimed, "Why couldn't I have been hit in the face with a firecracker?!"

Anyway, I'm not really fretting all that much about this aging process. I've not really claimed it yet. It doesn't seem possible that I am closer to 60 than 50 when I'm not even quite used to being in my 40s!  Does anyone else feel this way?

When I was young, I guess I figured older people felt like that was just who they old person. I had no idea that inside that older person was someone wondering what happened to themselves? 

OK, I'm done rambling about aging. I don't have time for that business anyway.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Girl Time

After time in Mom's beautiful back yard, we moved inside for a girl's evening in.

 Our granddaughters enjoy getting rides with my sister, Tina. Her motorized wheelchair is quite intriguing to them.

We were happy to also get to spend some time with my sister's daughter, Stephanie.  Just so you know, she's not only a beautiful young woman but she's also a talented musician. It was fun to spend some time with her. 


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