Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Precious Times

I shot out of work today and went straight to pick up two very adorable little girls. Their parents were looking forward to a quiet evening with guests. I was looking forward to a less-than-quiet evening with the girls.

Once we got back to our house, we ate a quick dinner then drug the toys out to the living room.

 Elise is still a bit short to reach into the toy boxes so I turned them on their side.

With remarkable speed, toys were strung around, better to pick and choose from!

One highlight of the evening was Cordelia making a drawing of the solar system, all by herself, then telling me the names of all the order.
She was pretty proud!
Me, too!

Bode kept an eagle eye on the toys.
After finding him chewing on a toy we realized he thought we'd
strung out a smorgasbord for them so we had to clean up some of the toys.

And guess what!? Elise found two Spidermans!
She was so excited and she had a very specific plan in mind.
They both had to be wrapped in blankets but it was was NOT appropriate
to wrap them up in one blanket together. She reprimanded me for that
so I grabbed another blanket and did it correctly.
She then made me situate her in between them both and watched
as she read a book to them.
As you can see,
they were enthralled.

I watched those pretty little girls
and said a silent prayer of thanks for this
precious time in my life.

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