Saturday, May 14, 2011

Procrastination Pays... Sometimes.

This past week I tagged along to Colorado Springs with Mike.  He had a conference to attend and my work right now is portable, so I went along.  Here are some pictures from our ride down there...

I couldn't believe we were in snow in May, well, yes I can, but that didn't mean I thought it was right.  Luckily, after that first day, it was beautiful!

We took too long even deciding if we were going to attend and by the time the decision was made, all rooms at the conference hotel were taken.  So, I went on Priceline and tried to see where we could stay.  I'm not going to tell you how much time I spent on that project because you'd find out I have some kind of obsessive-compulsive disorder when it comes to finding hotel rooms.  I'm CRAZY but I enjoy it so who cares?

Anyway, I love staying in hotels, but I usually expect too much for what I want to pay.  This time, however, my expectations were not only exceeded but surpassed!  I decided to do the "Name Your Own Price" thing and hit the jackpot!  For $62 per night we got to stay at Cheyenne Mountain Resort.  It was only 6 minutes from the conference hotel, but so spectacular!  The first day I just sat out on an upper deck, looking out over a pool, golf course, little lake, and best of all, Cheyenne Mountain, all while crocheting my little heart away.  It was so peaceful and calm!

Our room was also quite lovely.  I was  impressed most with the personal reading lights built in to the headboards.  It doesn't take much to please me I suppose.  Really, though, that's pretty cool, don't you think?

And this is our own little deck where I ate my lunch....

And random photos from around the resort...

Even as I luxuriated, though, I thought of friends who are suffering.  It is such a strange thing, to feel so much happiness and distress at the same time.  I am acutely aware that all that is beautiful in my life can disappear in a blink.  I am trying to learn to live in a way that I will notice the good and the beautiful more, even when I am not staying at a posh resort.  I am so grateful for all that has been given to me.