Monday, February 03, 2014

SUE-per Bowl Party!

Yesterday was my birthday. I thought it was cool that people all over the nation held little parties and named them after me... get it? SUE-per Bowl Parties! That's what my son, Ben, told me those parties were for. Oddly, no one invited me, but still...

At church yesterday a lady brought a big helium balloon for my birthday. It was tied around my chair where I sit at the front of the church with the Worship Team. So much for flying under the radar for this birthday!

By the time we got home from church it was apparent that Mike was not well. Sam had been sick the night before. We decided it was better if the little granddaughters didn't come over and catch anything so I went to them. I also knew all the guys would rather be watching the game.

Even with this last minute change of plans, Maria had already decorated for me when I got there. She and I and the girls had our own little party. We didn't even have to listen to a football game.

 I felt special!

I received a delightful array of gifts, many for project "Happy Room".

 I received one of Eric's prints, one I'd been hoping for!

 Cordelia gave me art work as well.

Even Elise gave me a pretty framed drawing of her and me together.
So precious!

 The cupcakes were delicious and featured my favorite color.

Elise enjoyed the cupcakes.
When she was done she said, "Mess."

Interference by sickness and the Superbowl did not ruin my day.
I got to communicate with my Mom,
all my children, 
my granddaughters, many friends 
and my siblings.

I felt very loved.
I am blessed to have people 
in my life who know
how to love well.

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