Friday, January 27, 2012

Everyone Has a Story

 You won't believe it but Mike & I went to see "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" again.  I'd offered to take a friend to a matinee but by the time all was said and done it turned into a double date with dinner and a movie.  It was a fun evening and you already know that I really liked that movie.

After watching it a second time I said, "I'm not going to write another review."  I'm not, so relax.  However, I will say that we found clues and things in it that we missed the first time through.  It was a good movie, even the second time around.

As I said before, the movie really makes you realize and think about the fact that everyone has a story.  It's true.  Everyone does have a story.  Not everyone has a blog, though.  And even those with blogs may have specific purposes for their blogs, such as recipes or craft tutorials, and don't want to mix their story into it too much.  So...

I have this idea.  Yes, I use my blog to tell my story, bit by bit.  I was wondering if I could convince some of you to let me interview you and tell your story.   I am going to work up a long list of questions and then have my interviewees chose a few they wish to answer.  I'm not looking for long biographies, just snippets of your story.  Any takers?  If you are interested in being interviewed please let me know by e-mail at  If no one responds, I have a few people in mind already for whom resistance may be futile :-) so you may as well volunteer.

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