Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I 'm So Excited to Miss You!

We love this little girl so much!  Even when she was feeling her worst, she was still polite to the hospital staff.  She was brave and sweet.  We told her the doctors and nurses were trying to make her better so she thanked them, even when they were doing some pretty awful things to her. 

When she got home yesterday I went over to take their dog home.  Bumblebee had been hanging out at our house throughout Cordelia's hospitalization.  Cordy was so happy to see Bumblebee!  She made a funny little voice that sounded like she'd swallowed a big bubble and over and over she said, "I'm so excited to miss you!  I'm so excited to miss you!" as she hugged and hugged her "sister".

I am happy to report that Cordelia is recovering very well and we are all breathing a bit more easily. 

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