Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I recently enjoyed a nice family vacation to Arizona.  There, we spent time with Ben (son), Sara (daughter-in-law), and Carol (mother-in-law).  It was so great just to be together.  I really think a family commune would be a good idea but I can't quite get everyone on board with that. 

We made it to downtown Phoenix to see Body World and The Brain.  Have you seen that exhibition?  I was excited to see it and was actually quite awed by the experience.  Each body was posed to best show muscles, nerves, etc.  The exhibit included a baby in utero as well as babies from about all stages of prenatal development.  I think those were the ones most impressive to me.  Even at 8 weeks gestation, the babies were clearly human.  How can abortion be right?  Oops...I was just about to get up on my soapbox.  Maybe another day.

Anyway, Body World was amazing but knowing that the bodies were real people gave me a very odd feeling.  I wasn't creeped out but rather felt like I was getting a little too personal with strangers.  Just for the record, I do not want to be plasticized.

After the tour, we went for lunch.  The weather was lovely!

Here are pictures from our outdoor lunch...

 It was a good time.  I am so grateful for the ability to travel to family.

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