Monday, March 28, 2011

You Are Lucky To Be Different

After Sunday School I had a lovely conversation with one of the girls I teach.  She's a 5th grader and I try to instill words of wisdom in her.  I don't know if I managed that but she certainly gave me some words of wisdom.  I was so impressed with this girl.

First of all, she was wearing a kimono.  That in itself made me smile.  She is a very self-assured little person.  She told me she was wearing a kimono because her mother was going to take her out for sushi after church.  I told her I loved seeing her in her kimono.  I didn't mention that I also smile when I see her come to church in a dress that would be fancy enough for any prom.  She has her own special sense of style and doesn't worry that she dresses differently from other kids.  She told me about one of her favorite outfits which she calls her "optical illusion" look.  It involves tights, skirt, top all in black and white strips going different directions.  I can't wait to see that!

This young girl told me that one of her friends had once written about her saying she was lucky to be "different" and she hoped she wouldn't change.  I was happy to know that girls her age appreciated her uniqueness as special.  There are likely those who tease her as well but my little friend didn't really care about that.  She was very self-assured and confident in who she was.  I quite enjoyed visiting with her and left feeling she just might be able to be herself even in those peer-pressure teen years. 

Tomorrow I think I'll wear something bright orange...

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